Our surgery at Burlyns in East Woodhay offers a full range of purpose-built facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of our equine patients. Read more…


All horses, ponies and donkeys should have a passport to comply with the law.  Passports are important to prove identity when horses are being travelled, sold or competed. Read more…


A microchip is a small implant (about the size of a grain of rice) that has a unique serial code. Read more…


A commonly performed procedure, we mainly perform castrations at yards with the colt sedated but standing. Read more…

Stud Medicine

We are able to offer a full range of stud services including fertility assessments, pregnancy diagnosis, artificial insemination (AI) and foal care. Read more…

Joint Measurement Board

Coach House Vets is accredited to work on behalf of the Joint Measurement Board Limited (JMB) to measure horses and ponies. Read more…

Pre-Purchase Examination/”Vettings”

Having a horse ‘vetted’ or examined by a vet prior to purchase is an important part of responsible horse ownership. Read more…


Written prescriptions are available from our practice to enable clients to obtain prescription only medicines…Read more…


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