Our vets can guide you through the stages of breeding your pet, from pre-breeding checks to advice on whelping or queening and care of the newborn puppies or kittens and bitch/queen in the early period.

Please check the BVA and Kennel Club websites if you are thinking of breeding your animal.

Health Schemes such as; hip scores and elbow scores can be carried out here. These health schemes are in place to ensure that your animal does not have elbow and hip dysplasia.
If your animal has either of these, then it is recommended not to breed from them, as these genetics can be passed down to the offspring.
The requirements for each breed can be found below:

Kennel Club Breed List Requirements

For hip and/or elbow scores it requires your animal to have a general anaesthetic to some x-rays. These x-rays are then sent with your animals Kennel Club paperwork to the British Veterinary Association. We will then let you know the results when they come back to us.

If you do breed from your animal then there are a few ways to confirm your dogs pregnancy, these include:

  • Pregnancy scans- this way you can see how roughly how many offspring your animal is carrying.
  • Blood test- we can do this 21 days after mating to confirm if your animal is pregnant or not.

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