Preventative Healthcare

Coach House Care Scheme

Coach House Care will provide your dog or cat with all of their routine healthcare at a special discounted rate, and spread the cost over the year with affordable monthly payments. Read more…


Vaccinations prevent serious or even fatal diseases and are recommended for all dogs, cats and rabbits.  Read more…

Dental Health

Looking after your pet’s teeth is extremely important for their general health and can prevent serious problems as they get older. Read more…

Prevention of worms, fleas and ticks

Parasites are unfortunately very common in the UK and routine prevention is important to reduce the likelihood of disease resulting from parasite infestation. Read more…

Weight Management

Keeping your pet a steady and healthy weight can be tricky, and in some pets it becomes more difficult after they are neutered, or as they get older. Read more…

Advice for new puppy or kitten owners

The early days of having a new puppy or kitten are crucial in creating a strong bond with your new pet and working on socialisation and training. Read more…



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