Advice for new puppy or kitten owners

The early days of having a new puppy or kitten are crucial in creating a strong bond with your new pet and working on socialisation and training. Feeding the young puppy or kitten a high quality diet designed for their age and stage is very important to ensure they have a healthy start and grow normally. Our vets will always discuss all aspects of routine healthcare for your new pet at their vaccination appointment, including feeding, worming and flea treatment. Puppies and kittens are routinely microchipped at the first or second vaccination appointment, which, when administered with a little food and distraction, are often not noticed by the patient!). It can seem overwhelming with all of the options and conflicting advice available so our vets and nurses are always happy to discuss any part of the caring of your new pet.

We have information sheets for new puppies and kittens which can be found in our library.

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