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There is a wealth of information on pet health on the internet, and it can be tempting to consult “Dr Google” before seeking advice from a qualified professional such as one of our vets. We would much prefer to speak to you over the phone about a potential problem or situation and can decide whether you need to book an appointment, than our clients gaining false information from sources which are incorrect, however well-meaning! If after a consultation you would like further information on your pet’s condition or procedure, we can provide you with information sheets written by our vets, or advise on suitable websites to look at.

For useful articles written by a group of highly qualified vets, you could look at or However, we would stress that all cases and animals are different, and the treatment plan or recommendation provided by our practice has been specially tailored by your vet, so this is the first advice that should be taken. Our vets will consider your pet’s medical history and all variables relating to the current problem so that important clues are not missed – something that an internet site obviously can not do! While some sites are excellent, there are unfortunately many websites and forums which offer incorrect or inaccurate advice which can compromise the health of your pet so we would always urge you to contact us with any queries or concerns over your pet’s treatment and routine healthcare.

There are several useful apps available for pet care. In particular, Bayer’s “Jungle For Pets” is an excellent app allowing you to put in your pet’s booster and parasite treatment dates and reminders are generated so they become much more difficult to miss! We have an equine app available, Horse Dialog, which has similar functions, and we hear that a companion animal version will be launched soon.

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