Pet insurance claims for your small and equine animals

We offer direct and indirect claims. 
  • Direct claims are when your insurance pays us.
  • Indirect claims are when you pay your invoice and your insurance company pays you.
The process for making a claim:
  • Present reception with your policy documentation if you wish to start a direct claim
  • Call your insurers immediately and ask them to send you a claim form
  • Pay the appropriate excess
  • Provide additional claim forms within seven days of them being requested by us
  • Settle any account that is unpaid or part unpaid by your insurer within seven days of settlement or rejection of the claim by your insurer.
Please Note:

Acceptance of a claim form by us is not confirmation that the claim will be paid by your Insurer. If you have any queries relating to the validity of your claim please contact your Insurer directly.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the team.


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