Joint Measurement Board

Coach House Vets is accredited to work on behalf of the Joint Measurement Board Limited (JMB) to measure horses and ponies. The JMB was established in 1934 to enable a national scheme for official measurement of horses and ponies for the purposes of competition.

Dr. Chris Tufnell MRCVS is on the panel of Official Measurers for the JMB, so can perform measurements for Annual or Full Height Certificates. We have a JMB approved measuring pad at our Burlyns surgery and regularly perform measurements here.   If you are thinking of getting your horse or pony measured for the purposes of the JMB we will be happy to talk you through the requirements. We recommend you visit the JMB website for further details before booking your measurement appointment.

Helpful tips for JMB measurement:

  • All horses and ponies presented for measurement must be microchipped and unshod. If your horse or pony does not have a microchip we will be happy to insert one at the time at additional cost to the measurement fee.
  • Please bring your horse’s passport with you, any previous measurement certificates and proof of payment to the JMB.

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