Unfortunately horses are accident-prone creatures and you may need our attendance in an emergency.

If you need us in an emergency you will always get through to a vet!

We share our out of hours duties with Equicall who much like us, will treat your horse/pony as their own.

Equicall may take your call on alternate weeks from 5pm through until 8am weekdays and weekends from Friday 5pm through until Monday 8:30am. Otherwise, you will get through to one of our equine vets here at Coach House. 

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call us. 

Below are or helpful guides for common emergencies.

Severe Lameness

There can be many causes for lameness- see here just a few reasons why!


Colic can be life threatening so find out what signs to look out for here! 


Choke can be terrifying for owners so find out how to help your horse/pony here.


Some kicks will result in wounds whereas some may not break the skin but cause damage underneath.

Bleeding & Wounds

Here are some handy hints on what to do if you notice any bleeding or a wound.

Eye Trauma/Infection

The eye is an area prone to damage due to their positioning.


Nosebleeds can be quite alarming- always note if the blood is coming from one or both nostrils.

Breathing Difficulty

This can be scary for both owners and horses so find out what to do here.

Trapped/Down Horse

Call vet and emergency services immediately…