Trapped/Down horses

Horses can unfortunately get stuck easily in ditches, lakes, during transport or even in the stable or field.

Initially the horse will often panic and make vigorous attempts to escape. 

After a short period horses will tire quickly and they may then have periods of quiet followed by very sudden flailing with its head and legs which can be very dangerous and unpredictable for any people nearby.

What to do:

  • Call the vet and the fire brigade
  • You must stay out of reach of the horse and ensure that you do not get trapped.  If you do handle the horse at all put on a riding hat and gloves
  • Keep the horse calm (food is helpful for some horses), talk to it from a distance while waiting for the vet. A single quiet equine companion may be useful to keep nearby while waiting
  • Remove any unnecessary spectators, other animals or immediate hazards
  • Bales, lunge lines, lead ropes and riding hats may be useful to have on hand when the vet and rescue crews arrive