We carry out many surgeries routinely such as; neutering, dentals, lump removals, cruciate repairs to name just a few!

What to expect/know:
  • Your pet will have a cannula in one of their veins (usually front leg) to allow us to give medications/fluids as needed (this will be removed at time of discharge)
  • A large clip area to stop infection (the area is also scrubbed a lot!)
  • Cleanliness is maintained throughout your pets procedure- clean kits, drapes, gloves & everything in between
  • During their anaesthetic your pet will have a tube placed in their airways to allow us to provide oxygen and anaesthetic gases- it also makes the anaesthetic a lot safer!
  • Our nurses monitor your animal constantly throughout their procedure and recovery. All their vital signs including; heart rate, respiration, temperature and blood pressure are just a handful of important signs we take note of
  • All our equipment is tested daily before procedures to make sure they are in working order
  • After recovery they are taken for a short wander and given some yummy food
  • On discharge we will run through all the care medications needed to get your pet feeling better
  • We normally like to see your pet for post op checks 2 and 10 days after their procedure