Pet Bereavement

Euthanasia translates as “gentle sleep” in latin

It is not easy to decide when is the best time to say goodbye to your pet, but when you do, we are here to support you through this difficult time.

It can help a little to think about your preferences beforehand should euthanasia be necessary, or for aftercare choices if a pet has passed away at home.

We can book you an appointment at a quiet time at our practice or arrange a home visit.

There are several options that can be considered, this includes;

  • Home burial
  • Standard cremation
  • Individual cremation with return of ashes

We have a very good relationship with a local pet cremation company, please follow this link to read more about their services.

We pride ourselves on making this time as calm and peaceful for both you and your pet.

Some of our staff members have taken a further pet bereavement course, we are listed on the website below for further details:

Please see our Library section for hand outs on how family members and other animals cope with pet bereavement.

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