Small Animal Out Of Hours

At Coach House a vet is only ever a phone call away 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. 

We share our out of hours with MiNight Winchester so if you call after 9pm weekdays and/or from 4pm Saturday through to 8.30am Monday you will get through to this service. They will assess, the same as us, if your pet needs to be seen and if they require treatment you will be asked to go their practice. 

We have leaflets here which we can provide all their details.

If you call after 6pm to 9pm or Saturday up until 4pm you will get through to one of our vets and if your pet needs to be seen, we will see them at our Burlyns practice.

If your pet is staying with us it will be discussed with the owner if they would like them to stay in with us or move to MiNight Winchester.