There are many health reasons to get your pet neutered. It can help reduce the risk of several potentially life-threatening diseases or illnesses.

What to Expect:
  • We will send some pre anaesthetic instructions to your prior to your pets surgery to ask not to give any breakfast the morning of the procedure (we know your pets won’t be happy about it but allows for a much safer anaesthetic!).
  • Rest assured, we ensure the comfort and safety of your pet in every which way possible!
  • On the day of your pets procedure, we will run through a consent form with yourselves and ensure that your pet is happy and healthy for their procedure.
  • We will then call you around lunch time to let you know how your pet is getting on after their procedure and arrange a discharge time later that afternoon.
  • On discharge, we will run through everything you need to know- showing you how to give pain relief/anti inflammatory medication for the next few days, talk about restricted exercise regime and what to expect for the next few days.
  • We would always like to see your pet to check the incision site on day 2 and day 10. On the final post op check (day 10!), if all is looking well, we will give you the ok to go back to normal!
  • On these post op checks we can also do laser treatment sessions on the incision to help healing, this is an optional extra.
  • We can also offer a buster collar or a medical pet t shirt whilst your animal recovers. Many people tend to opt for the t shirt as pets tolerate these much better than the cones.


Want to know more about how we look after your pet whilst they are in for surgery with us? Click below!