Neutering (spaying or castrating) your pet is generally considered as good preventative health care.

There are many good reasons to have your pet neutered should you not be wanting to breed from him/her.

The risk of several potentially life threatening diseases or illnesses is reduced or eliminated- for example spaying bitches before they reach 18 months of age significantly reduces the risk of mammary neoplasia (tumours/cancer of the mammary glands). There is less data to support the health benefits of early castration, but there are often other good reasons to castrate an animal whilst he is still young which are worth discussing with a vet. Male animals tend to stray away from home less, and can be more settled companions when the urge to go forth and reproduce is removed.

We also work with the Dogs Trust and accept their neutering vouchers for newly re-homed animals. We also accept Cats Protection League neutering scheme vouchers (when it is running seasonally) which currently enables people with financial difficulties to have their cat neutered for just £5.00.

If you are considering neutering you pet and would like further information, please contact us at the surgery.

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Date: 18/02/2015

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