Do I really need to vaccinate my horse every six months?

Yes!  The current flu outbreak is slowly moving through the nation’s herd of horses.  With good immunity (vaccinated every six months with the most up to date flu vaccine, Proteq, as we advise) your horse might get a minor snivel.  Without it your most precious friend (yes, probably even more  precious than your husband/boyfriend/mum!) could get very sick and die.  Some horses do die of flu if unprotected.

Do I really need to vaccinate my old horse?  It doesn’t go anywhere.

Yes again!  Do you love your old horse?  Horses that haven’t been vaccinated for a while are most at  risk of getting flu very badly and the flu virus can blow in the wind and be transmitted by grubby people.  These poor old horses can then put your other young ones at risk by chucking out loads of flu virus particles.  Our old timers owe us nothing, please protect them too.
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