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14th June, 2019

Do I really need to vaccinate my horse every six months? Yes!  The current flu outbreak is slowly moving through the nation’s herd of horses.  With good immunity (vaccinated every six months with the most up to date flu vaccine, Proteq, as we advise) your horse might get a minor snivel.  Without it your most ... ... Read More

22nd May, 2019

Sadly this is the time of year when we see a peak in cases of laminitis.  The causes are complex and can be associated with diseases such as Cushings, Equine Metabolic Syndrome or very nasty infections.  However spring grass is a significant risk factor and, when added to other things can tip them over the ... ... Read More

23rd January, 2019

We’re at the time of year when we start to see more and more coughing and wheezing horses.  There are of course viruses around, just like with us, that will cause horses and ponies to be unwell and to cough but frequently the situation is caused or worsened by dust.  In fact some horses won’t ... ... Read More

6th August, 2018

Many of us feed our horses a whole host of powders, pastes and liquids in their feed to support their general health and well-being. There are also supplements on the market that enhance the function of different parts of their bodies. But do you know what they contain or how they work? We’ve chosen some ... ... Read More

30th July, 2018

As much as we’ve all been enjoying the recent tropical weather, the rain and cooler temperatures are inevitable. Unfortunately, this will bring some potential issues for our equine friends with it. This is mostly down to good old ‘Dr. Green’. Over the last few months the grass has been poor due to the heat and ... ... Read More

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